Monday, July 9, 2007

The rascism beneath the rhetoric

The anti-victory crowd stamps it feet and brays "pullout pullout now" ignoring the fact that some real progress is being made in some of the worst areas in Iraq. Huffington, the NY Times, and every bloviating politician posturing for office wants to be identified with opposing the war. But whether they opposed the war initially or not they must deal with conditions now and consider what Iraq will become. Their language is always bring our troops home and make peace not war. No solutions or even mention of what would happen in Iraq or to the people there.
The truth is these frenchocrats don't care about what will happen there. Chaos, bloodshed and the potential misery of hundreds of thousands doesn't matter to them because deep down these privileged voices believe the Iraqis are just a bunch of uncivilized camel jockeys who have never and could never govern themselves in a democracy. So to the surrender seekers this is all a waste of time and money, far less important than the obsession with damaging George Bush. The complete disdain for any consideration of the situation we would be leaving in Iraq is rascism disguised as humanitarianism.
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