Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dehne: Good business and fair pricing.

Thursday night big storms knocked out power to 300,000 homes in the north suburbs of Chicago. Our house was one of them. Power company officials were telling the Glencoe city services staff we were looking at 2 or 3 days before power could be restored. Our battery powered backup sump pump failed in about a hour because it was running almost continuously. We (mostly my wife) then spent the next 22 hours bailing the sump hole and carrying the water up to a bathtub to dump so that the basement would not flood. Our neighbors all got around 4 or 5 inches of water. Early friday morning we were calling around looking for portable generators but not finding any available. Until I called Dehne Lawn and Leisure of Northbrook, Illinois. The owner had taken the initiative to spend over a hundred thousand dollars on an emergency shipment of generators that were to arrive that afternoon. I ordered 1 of the 20 remaining available from the 100 he had ordered. I paid $1300 including tax.
When I picked it up I found I had paid exactly the same price they charged in non emergencies, no extra mark up in price. Plus they had assembled the machine and filled it with oil. All I had to do was put in gasoline and fire it up.
I will be forever grateful for the service that Dehne and staff provided. They will certainly gain my custom for the future.

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lonke8 said...

Having just gone throught the opposite experience with a garage telling me I needed $1000 worth of unecessary service (verified as unnecessary by two separate mechanics) to correct the problems created by an error they made the first time they serviced it, it is encouraging and reassuring to know that there are still honest buinesses out there who take pride in providing a service for their customers. It seems like most people/businesses are only voncerned with the bottom line and scraping as much out of the witless consumer as possible. I'm all for capitalism, but what happened to community? It is possible to provide services and products and make a profit without baldly ripping people off.