Monday, October 29, 2007

Al Gore and Inconvenient Facts

I believe it makes sense to reduce pollution and other environmental threats whether we can prove humans are causing global warming or not. I also believe it is terribly unproductive to rely on bad or fraudulent science and the politicization of the issue. Even worse is resorting to outright deception which risks discrediting the entire environmental movement.

35 Inconvenient Truths

The errors in Al Gore’s movie


drumski said...

I've said it before and........

Whether or not there is global warming is an argument that need not take place. We all know that carbon based fuels give off emissions that are bad for us and the environment. Just like dumping motor oil in a river is probably not good for the fish. Arguing whether there is "global warming" is another way both the left and right waste our time and money. C'mon, we know what's bad....let's STOP doing it. Ride your bike to work.....recycle.....develop alternative energies. Here's one, harness all the hot air that is wasted in Congress arguing whether there is "global warming."

The Drumski abides.

BBL Jr said...

thanks for the comment and for stopping by the blog. sounds like you are a candidate for my "throw the bums out" campaign. All it requires is that you do not vote for any incumbents. Let the voters impose term limits.