Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Preview Of HillaryCare

Michelle is on the case:

Paging Michael Moore: Brits flee socialized healthcare

Record numbers of Britons are travelling abroad for medical treatment to escape the NHS - with 70,000 patients expected to fly out this year.

And by the end of the decade 200,000 “health tourists” will fly as far as Malaysa and South Africa for major surgery to avoid long waiting lists and the rising threat of superbugs, according to a new report.

The first survey of Britons opting for treatment overseas shows that fears of hospital infections and frustration of often waiting months for operations are fuelling the increasing trend.

and from the loonies to the north:

A Short Course in Brain Surgery

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lonek8 said...

Short History of Brain Surgery: Wonderfully clear on the issue of socialized health care. Liberal whiners should all be forced to watch this, and then slapped becuase they still won't see the problem. I'm sure they'll be whining even louder once they have to wait to get their own treatments though. By the way, "bear in mind if you have a suspected brain tumor it is really important that you get it checked out" is the best understatment ever.