Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Throw all the Bums Out!

The Subprime Six

1. Senator Chris Dodd-(D-Conn.)

2. Kent Conrad (D-ND.)

3. Alphonso Jackson (D-HUD Secretary)

4. Donna Shalala-(D-HHS Secretary)

5. Richard Holbrooke (D-ASecretary of State)(and future Sec. State?)

6. James Johnson (D-Obama Veep Selection)

Were there no Republicans involved?

UPDATE: Ah, Alphonso Jackson is a Republican. I seemed to remember this as a bipartisan scandal.

Just one more example of why no one should vote for any incumbent of either party. Throw All The Bums Out!! Time to demonstrate to these thieving pussbags that they are supposed to serve the populace not service it.

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