Sunday, April 5, 2009

A good early season baseball article at The American

The American: What Moneyball Missed

The only problem was that Lewis’s explanation for the A’s success was the same as Commissioner Selig’s—the team was an aberration. Since “most every other team looks at the market pretty much the same way,” as Lewis explained, if every team tried to exploit these same inefficiencies, then no team could. The market would correct, and the most valuable players—i.e. the players with the attributes most likely to produce wins—would be bought by the wealthiest teams. The championship would be for sale again.

But it isn’t. Moneyball missed something. That something is known as the reserve clause.

I would like to hear what Michael Lewis or Talmadge Boston think of this argument. Also I am in the middle of and really enjoying Talmadge Boston's latest book "Baseball and the Baby Boomer"

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