Friday, May 1, 2009

Krugman being brilliant and correct.

Short and excellent illumination of the cowardice and dishonesty of Pelosi and her crowd with regard to torture and waterboarding.

Torture? No. Except . . .

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lonek8 said...

if you are going to refuse to fight under any circumstances you are left with two options: become a slave to the stronger party who isn't afraid of violence, or find someone even stronger who can protect you. The second option is what a lot of Eurpoe has chosen, hiding behind us. We don't have that option because there isn't anyone stronger than us to hide behind. So those hypocritical chicken shits in Congress better man up before we end up the terrorists' bitch. I've said it before, I'll say it again: you can not negotiate with people whose only acceptable result is your death. When you can't get out of the ring but you refuse to raise your fists you are going to get your ass kicked - the only response to the insanity and abject hatred of the terrorists is to hit them so hard that no action they can possibly take is worth the retribution.