Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama Power Player Chicago Style

Chicago politics should make Louisiana jealous and now our new President brings the same brand of clout politics to Washington. The national media sold out to Obamamania during the election that they are too embarrassed to do their job as the watch dog of government. After all they risk not being invited to the next celebrity party if they challenge Obama or Rahm Emmanuel. John Kass gives the details in the Tribune:
It's amusing to watch the Washington political establishment feign shock, now that President Barack Obama's reform administration has used a clay foot to vigorously kick one inspector general and boot another out the door.

One inspector general foolishly investigated a friend of the president. Another inspector general audited those juicy bonuses given to AIG executives as part of $700 billion federal bailout of the financial industry.
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Lsquared said...

a friend told me that a recent poll indicated that while Obama's approval rating is still good, the rating on his policies is sliding. Well, duh. It is about time. Perhaps people are beginning to realize that some of the campaign criticism regarding the nature of his support and his rise via the Chicago political machine was legit.