Wednesday, August 26, 2009

French President squeals like little girl , "can't take it anymore!"

My headline may be a slight exaggeration, well, a complete fabrication is more like it. It is so much fun to make fun of the French. President Sarkizy did speak today and I thought he was provacative. Bloomberg has the article here ban I have this excerpt:

Sarkozy said that France, which has the second largest economy among countries using the euro behind Germany, won’t allow the European currency to bear the brunt of the necessary currency and trade adjustment.

The world must change to limit “excessive and profoundly destabilizing exchange rate fluctuations,” Sarkozy said in a speech today in Paris. “France won’t accept that the euro alone takes the weight of the adjustment, as it has in the past.”

In rather plain english he is saying the euro will not be allowed to get stronger. When presidents speak that plainly it pays to listen.

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