Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bank Credit Analyst Conference

i have just returned from a few days in New York attending the annual Bank Credit Analyst Conference. Second one i have had a chance to attend and it was outstanding. Martin Barnes and the many Analysts and Editors have a really strong group of speakers and panelists and the discussion is terrific.
i am dead tired now but will try to convey some of the discussions ater I get some sleep and have digested the information.

Updated to fix typos. i would fire my typist, if I had one.


Lsquared said...

I think you need to add a "k" to the word "ban" in your caption.

lonek8 said...

actually, the 'k' is just hiding in the first sentence. stupid rogue letters

Lsquared said...

Dang rogue letters. They are so annoying.

BBL Jr said...

Hey, I said I was tired!