Monday, November 2, 2009

Telegraph: It is Japan we should be worrying about, not America

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on the moribund Japanese economy and its dismal prospects.

Japan is drifting helplessly towards a dramatic fiscal crisis. For 20 years the world's second-largest economy has been able to borrow cheaply from a captive bond market, feeding its addiction to Keynesian deficit spending – and allowing it to push public debt beyond the point of no return.

"The debt situation is irrecoverable," said Carl Weinberg from High Frequency Economics. "I don't see any orderly way out of this. They will not be able to fund their deficit. There will be a fiscal shutdown, a pension haircut, and bank failures that will rock the world. It is criminally negligent that rating agencies are not blowing the whistle on this."

This is a big time problem and Mr. Pritchard lays it out very nicely. Read it all.