Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Telegraph: Al-Qaeda threat: Britain worst in western world

American officials now believe Britain poses a major threat to Western security because of the large number of al-Qaeda supporters that are active in the country. Two years ago Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, estimated that there were 2,000 al-Qaeda sympathisers based in Britain – the largest concentration of al-Qaeda activists in any Western country. But American officials, who regularly refer to “Londonistan” because of the high concentration of Islamic radicals in the capital, believe the figure is growing all the time. They point out that recent al-Qaeda terror attacks planned in Britain have been the work of British-based Muslims, many of whom have been trained in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The entire article is here and is worth your time.

We are way too complacent in this country about the risks of terrorism in the US. The fashionistas like to ridicule the threat of terrorism as a conservative bogeyman. Just wait till  one of the prominent celebrity types gets killed in a bombing and they start demanding heads roll for failing to do anything about terrorism.

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lonek8 said...

let's hope it happens soon so something will actually get done. Sean Penn would be my choice