Friday, January 8, 2010

Throw The Bums Out

Don Surber and hat tip to The Instapundit

45% would replace Congress with names drawn randomly from the telephone book

“More voters have greater confidence in the telephone book these days than in the current Congress, and most think their national legislators are paid too much to boot,” Rasmussen reported.

45% of voters would rather pick names randomly from the phone book to run Congress than to have Nancy Pelosi, et al, in charge, a Rasmussen Poll found.

Only 36% disagree.

i could not agree more.


lonek8 said...

this could be a good idea- make government service like jury duty or something. You get randomly selected and serve a mandatory 1-2 year term. Gets rid of the disqualification all politicians currently have because they actually WANTED to be politicians

BBL Jr said...