Monday, March 1, 2010

Here's Something We Can Easily Do That Will Accomplish Way More Than Solving Healthcare

That headline is lifted from the post at Business Insider. I urge you to follow the link and read what they say. This is a no brainer except the politicians are afraid of the Luddites and won't actually deal with energy problems.

The technology for natural gas engines is already a commercialized success story, go ask joint venture partners Westport Innovations ($WPRT) and Cummins Inc ($CMI).  The trucks and buses running on the Westport/Cummins nat gas engines must be fueled at a centralized depot location, however, due to the lack of nat gas fueling locations elsewhere.  Companies like Clean Energy Fuels Corp ($CLNE) may become instrumental in the spread of nat gas stations should 1835 pass.

We send approximately $700 billion a year to nasty parts of the world for energy and about 70% of what we consume comes from elsewhere.  In the meanwhile, we are the best in the world at extracting and moving natural gas and we have so much of it that we've run out of places to store it.  HR 1835 would put an end to this madness and put hundreds of thousands of people to work immediately across the nation.

And here's the best part - almost everyone, from the most liberal to the most conservative pols have found something to like about it, the bill has around 130 co-sponsors.

With all of this potential, I'd say that no one should be discussing anything but the Nat Gas Act.  There's been no progress on the issue since last April while instead, pols have chosen to screw around with this health care canard.  Get a clue, guys, we could kill about 5 birds with one stone here.

Write your representative and inform that if he doesn't get this bill passed not only will you not vote for him again you will in fact campaign against him.

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