Monday, March 29, 2010

Rewarding the Deadbeats , Raping the Taxpayer. It is the Obama Way.

from Dennis Gartman this morning:
BACK ON THE CLOCK: We last took a look
at the US “Debt Clock” in early February… February 5th
to be exact. So we thought it was worth the time to
take a fresh new look at where we stand and compare
it to early February. Then, the US “owed” $12.368
trillion, or $40,073 per capita or $113,167 per taxpayer.
Things, as one might imagine, have gone from bad to
much, much worse in the intervening seven weeks, for
as of late last evening the US “owed” $12.663 trillion,
or $295 billion more than was owed 51 days ago. In
other words, we’ve added $5.78 billion/day to what the
nation owes in the interim. As of yesterday afternoon,
the per capita debt has gone up to $40,987, or
$17.92/capita each and every day. Or viewed in
another way, each “taxpayer” in the US now owes
$115,425, or $2,258 more than he or she owed in early
February… or $44.27 more each day than he or she

previously owed.
Every policy Obama pursues is designed to give to those who do not work and take from those who do work. This used to be called communism and it did not work then either.