Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Government: Rep Phil Hare " I don't worry about the constitution"

A representative to the national legislature " doesn't care about the constitution."  That certainly speaks volumes about the abysmal quality of our political representative. What a pantsload this guy is.

Go to the Breitbart Big Government site to see this cretin's remarks.

Within one week of ObamaCare being crammed through the Congress, we
had Rep
Jesse Jackson Jr.
admiting that programs would need to be cut to
pay for it and we had Sen.
Max Baucus
admit that it was really a wealth re-distribution plan.

Now we have Rep. Phil Hare admitting that when it comes to health
care “reform,” he doesn’t “worry about the Constitution”:

Throw the Bums Out, All of Them, Both Parties!  Vote against all incumbent office holders.

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