Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unions Our My Cup Of Tea

Say what!
This is from Dennis Gartman's  morning letter and rather clearly explains what is wrong with Public Employee Unions.

Thanks to The Gartman Letter and to Carpe Diem  for the web version.
I am sympathetic to the issue of teacher salaries as many of my family membrs have been teachers and have been woefully underpaid historically. But conditions have changed. Collusion between Union officials and vote buying politicians have created a disastrous situation in public pension obligations. This must be reformed in order to create pensions that might actually be there when people retire.
Furthermore. unions have blocked any and all efforts at enforcing some standard of competency as demonstrated by  the sign in the picture being carried by protesting teachers. Would you want that person teaching your child?


lonek8 said...

no I would not. and lord help her if she tried.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that someone recognized her and did something about this person purported to be a school teacher. The photo is repeatedly shown quite often on the Internet so someone must know if she is a teacher and question her qualifications.