Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gartman : Setting the record straight

Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter.
Listening to the Left here in the US during the debates
regarding the debt ceiling increase one might have
thought that the Tea Party-ite members of the Congress
were absolutely intransigent in their positions and that
only the Left was acting in a nicely bipartisan way. Our
European and Asian clients, reading and listening to the
media’s reporting of the circumstances at the time, might
have reasonably thought only the centre-left was acting
reasonably, and we do indeed understand that
circumstance. That is how the media has presented the
We just thought it might be worthwhile noting that back in
’06, before he was President and when he was the junior
Senator from Illinois, President Obama voted against the
Bush Administration’s request for a debt ceiling increase
one time. The other two times he had the opportunity to
do so, he did not show for the votes on the Senate floor.
We thought that interesting.
Worse, the Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate, Sen.
Reid, voted against every single debt ceiling increase
request when the Republicans controlled the Senate
briefly during the years noted above. He was open in his
opposition; he was adamant in his anger with the
Republican demands. Now he has been just as adamant
in his anger with the Tea Party-ites, calling them terrorists
and the like. We just thought everyone should know. It
seems reasonable and bipartisan on our part to do so.”

Thanks to Dennis Gartman for allowing me to print this. Those interested should go to TheGartman

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