Saturday, July 20, 2013

Snowden Is Not The Bad Guy

Everyone has heard about Edward Snowden and have seen him demonized in the press once big media got
its instructions from the administration.  This link is to the second part of the Gaurdian interview with Snowden.  If you watch you will see what appears to be an intelligent and thoughtful young man discuss
why he acted.  The universal surveillance being carried out upon citizens in the United States is a frightening fact.
The use of the IRS to intimidate anti administration groups teaches us that political figures in Washington cannot be trusted use information and power with any integrity whatsoever. I am not pointing a finger at anyone political figure but just imagine this kind of surveillance power in the hands of a Joe McCarthy or someone of his ilk.
Watch the video at the link. I do not believe Snowden is the bad guy here, nor do I believe NSA is full of bad guys.  But I do believe NSA has fallen down a slippery slope and needs to be stopped and put back on
a path that does not violate our precious constitutional rights.

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