Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

This note is a reprise of my post on Father's Day 2007 just after my father passed away. I have nothing but fond memories for my father and my admiration for him grows every day as I try to live up to his example of integrity and genuine kindness.

"My father passed away yesterday. His death was not tragic nor unexpected since his health had been failing for a long time and we had been told to plan for less than 6 months. He passed quietly in his sleep without the stress and trauma of heroic medical efforts. Yet I am crushed. Dad was not particularly successful in any of the ways that greatness is usually measured. He achieved neither fame nor wealth, but, he may have been the best person I know. Generous to a fault, scrupulously honest, he treated everyone of any station with respect and kindness. I am a father and grandfather now and could not have had a better role model. Dad was the best.

Bruce Blackmore Lawrence
March 18, 1918 San Antonio, Texas -- June 16, 2007 Dallas, Texas

Awarded the Bronze Star and several other combat medals during service in World War Two.
Survived by his wife Ruth, children Laird, Rees, and Bruce Jr., granddaughter Kate and great granddaughter Isabelle.

He was the world's best Dad and I will miss him."

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