Sunday, June 1, 2014

Richter: The Big Hoax Of The Wall Street Hype Machine

Wolf Richter of the Testosterone Pit wrote :

The Big Hoax Of The Wall Street Hype Machine

Follow the link to read the article.  The point of the article which reads a a negative comment on the  stock
market is not to predict any imminent directional moce. The point is to highlight the manipulative practices of Wall Street that are designed to mislead individual investors and capture their money. Wall Street has become an environment of very smart people demonstrating  questionable integrity and acting unethically. A high class carnival run by clever and charming con-men.  Most are not "Wolf of Wall Street" types  who want to steal every dollar you have but instead want siphon off a measly 1 or 2% in perpetuity. Be careful out there.

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