Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bill Rempel On John Hussman

Bill rempel puts some heat on John Hussman in this article:

Only Three More Months for Hussman to Beat the Benchmark!

I am a fan of John Hussman and have small holdings in his funds. I don't think Rempel is wrong in what he says, though he seems to take the whole thing personally. I think Hussman's approach is very useful. I want the hedged tactics under the conditions he utilizes because they give me an asset that performs with different volatility characteristics than my other equity investments. During the big swoon in the market in August it was rather nice to have a fund do well.
could Hussman have done better over the last few years of bull market? Sure, but then he would have likely increased his corellation to other fund managers. I would like to see him keep improving his stock picking so that the prortfolio outperforms more on up moves. But I do not want him to alter a well researched strategy that offers me flexibility in my investment choices.If all funds are going to pursue the same strategies then we only need one fund.

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