Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trust in Federal Government, On Nearly All Issues, Hits New Low

Two posts on the Instapundit. These issues are not unrelated. We the voters of these United States need to send them all home. Repeat after me " I will not vote for any incumbent."
Instapundit Post one:
NEW YORK A new Gallup poll reveals that, as the organization puts it, Americans now "express less trust in the federal government than at any point in the past decade, and trust in many federal government institutions is now lower than it was during the Watergate era, generally recognized as the low point in American history for trust in government."
Instapundit Post two: From Congressman Boehner:

Pork-barrel earmarks were an important factor in the loss of the GOP majority last November. Years of irresponsible earmarks, slipped into bills behind closed doors without public debate or scrutiny, eroded Republicans' reputation as the party of fiscal responsibility and trustworthy custodians of taxpayer funds.

I've never made a secret of my distaste for worthless pork. Just a few months after being elected as majority leader last year, we enacted comprehensive reforms that brought the earmark process out into broad daylight. All taxpayer-funded earmarks had to be publicly disclosed and subject to challenge and debate. If you sponsor a project, we argued, you ought to be willing to put your name on it and defend it--and if not, you shouldn't ask taxpayers to pay for it. These reforms were the right thing to do--and they still are.

The Democratic majority came to power in January promising to do a better job on earmarks. They appeared to preserve our reforms and even take them a bit further. I commended Democrats publicly for this action. Unfortunately, the leadership reversed course.

Shining a light on Congressional giveaways is neither a republican or democrat issue. Rather it is an issue for all Americans seeking to reduce corruption in Washington and preserve real representative government. Time to shock and awe incumbistan.

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