Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fourth Estate takes over as Obama Campaign manager

From Gateway Pundit: Instapundit:

Sick. Only 14% Of McCain Media Coverage Is Positive

Of course this comes as no surprise.
The media has been unusually hard on John McCain.
The Politico reported:

good news for John McCain? He's now receiving as much attention from
the national media as his Democratic rival. The bad news? It’s
overwhelmingly negative.

Just 14 percent of the stories about John McCain from the conventions through the final presidential debate were positive in tone,
according to a study released today, while nearly 60 percent were
negative—the least favorable coverage of any of the 4 candidates on the

This election has been hijacked but not by Obama or his staff. The perpetrator is the Main Stream Media. The media is going to elect a man they have not investigated at all. They are not doing it out of malice but out of a desire to write stories about the healing of America's racial wounds and the symolism of the election. Everyone in the media is fulfilling a fantasy by electing a symbol and they cannot allow that to be tarnished or tainted. So the media just ignores Ayers and Bombing Bernadine and other curiosities that a normal candidate of either party would have to explain. Barack Obama is charming and a stirring orator but what else? I don't know because the fourth estate abondoned the task of providing information and became a propagandist. Shame on them.

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