Saturday, March 12, 2011

Zerohedge and Kinight on Greek Budget

As Greece Embarks On The Road To Hades, Here Is How To Trade The European Implosion

 read  at Zero Hedge

From Knight Capital's Alfredo Viegas

GREECE: Budget #s & the road to HADES for the other

just reported a very poor budget deficit of €1.0Bn over Jan/Feb of this
year.  This represents a 9% increase over the same two months of last
year. Even more troubling was the news that budgetary revenues fell 9.2%
thanks in part to civic protests for paying tolls and taxes.  With
spending actually up 3.3%, the road to austerity for Greece seems to be
taking a detour.
Go to this link for the whole article (about a page long)

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