Saturday, February 28, 2009

Liberal Media Censorship In Action

I was sent this message about video that was suppressed by threat of law suit by Time Warner at the behest of liberal media supporters of the Democrat party and supporters of the Obama campaign:

Object: The video clip that was not allowed in the USA - Pass this on to everyone.

This video shows that George Bush tried to warn Congress starting in 2001 that this economic crisis was coming, if something was not done. But congress refused to listen, along with Barney Frank. This video says it all.

The liberal AMERICAN media did not want this video on You Tube, so they had Time Warner threaten a law suit (proprietary rights) if it was not taken off.

This link is of the same video but is routed through Canada . Everyone in America needs to see this!

the video is linked through Canada because it has been blocked for the US by the very people should be the gaurdians of free speech.

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